Friday, May 17, 2013

{what i loved this week}

on instagram: @camillestyles picnic looks absolutely perfect.  
chris & I (in last minute costumes) ready to head out to Kellogg's annual 90's party.

on pinterest: "rasmopolitan cocktail" favors from Martha Stewart would be perfect for handing out a bachelorette party.  Giving doors a simple makeover that makes a big difference.  Love the look of these tissue tassels taped randomly on a wall as a backdrop rather than strung on a string. 

on the blogs: I am obsessed with this chic black and gold birthday party especially all the fabulous paper goods!

in real life: It's peony season!!! This gorgeous (and massive) arrangement of coral charm peonies is currently brightening up our studio at Bliss Weddings.

in the magazines:  I love seeing Kate Upton all glammed up in this retro spread for Vogue. 

on my wishlist:  This neon statement necklace sold out before i could scoop it up a few months ago, but now its back in stock at asos!!  I love this simple green dress for a bridal shower or sunday brunch.  The price tag is bit hefty for these headphones, but I love the design. 

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  1. Those headphones are freaking adorable. Not too expensive if you compare them to those Dr. Dre (??) headphones all the kids these days have.