Monday, March 11, 2013

{the bachelor finale free printables}

I watch way more reality television than I care to admit.  It's pretty much the ultimate guilty pleasure and I find the time I spend watching it to be entirely relaxing since it requires little to no thought or engagement on my part.  One big time reality TV show that I somehow never watched up until this season was the Bachelor, but all that changed when I found a fun group of girls to get together for weekly viewing party of sorts.  All reality television is better when watched in groups because it allows you to commiserate with others about the ridiculousness on screen.

With the finale of 17th season of the Bachelor on tonight, I thought it would be fun to make some cute printables for those hosting little viewing parties of their own.  There are drink flags (because if you aren't drinking cocktails during a viewing party then you aren't doing it right) and team stickers for each of the lady finalists- pick a side and own it. Links to the free downloads at the end of the post!

{he loves it. so. much}

 {as you can tell in the photos above versus this preview image- my printer wasn't really feeling the hot pink as I had originally intended.  For the drink flags simply cut out each flag and use hot glue or double sided tape to attach each flag around a drink stirrer}

{for the "team" stickers, I printed mine on a sheet of sticker paper so that you can easily attach the label to clothing, but cardstock and a simple safety pin would be a fine substitute}


  1. These are ADORABLE! I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good Bachelor viewing party and these are the perfect addition. All of your designs are just the best! What fonts did you use here? {And, BTW, your dog is the cutest!}

  2. This is adorable! So excited for tonight!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  3. AH! The pooch loves it. I can tell. Love this idea and will be using it for next season's finale viewing! (P.S. found your blog through Mindy Poder's recommendation, and I'm so glad, it is so inspiring! :) I'm a fellow HBHS alum a few years behind you guys.)

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. Haha! I, too, am a reality show whore and don't always admit it in conversation. I love this idea!

    La Petite Gigi

  5. LOVE this! too bad i'm not having a finale party!!

  6. Love your work! What programms do you use to create these goodies?? So curious!

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  8. Would you be able to post the labels as an editable pdf?

  9. I love these printables! This is great!