Friday, December 28, 2012

{the parties of 2012}

Wow! 2012 was a whirlwind year that seemed to fly by!  Even though it felt like everything was moving at double speed, we got the chance to throw some amazing celebrations this year including one really big one- our wedding!  Here's a little recap of all my favorite parties from 2012 and based on these fabulous events, I cannot even wait to see what 2013 holds for us:

 {the "breakfast for dinner" themed party we threw for our good friend Kay- complete with a pancake stack cake! Definitely one of my favorite party themes since it was super easy to execute and who doesnt love breakfast food in the evening?!?!}

 {a garlic centric dinner party we threw in our new Chicago dining room.  This was first dinner party we had in our new place and I loved creating a menu around one ingredient}

 {a relaxed dinner party menu- one of the only posts where I featured a complete menu 
along with wine pairings!}

 {a colorful and fun engagement party some of my friends and I threw for our newly engaged pals,
Jeff & Katie.  My favorite part of this party was the DIY slider bar!}

 {my bridal shower- I definitely had absolutely nothing to do with the planning and execution of this party. All of the credit for this beautiful event goes to my bridesmaids, mom and mother -in-law.  I just loved this party so much, I had to include it!}

 {our "sequins & bow ties" themed going away party! This theme is hands down the best one I have ever thought of- I wouldnt mind if this was the theme for every single party going forward.}

 {breaking tradition for our birthdays this year, we opted to throw a cocktail party rather than the 20 person sit down dinner we usually choose to host- this was also the very first big party we threw in our new Chicago place, but surely not the last}

{a "champagne & desserts" themed partI threw for my good friend's 26th birthday party- another theme that I wouldn't mind using for many future parties!}

And of course- the best party of this year for us was our wedding in Palm Springs last April:


  1. Your wedding video is amazing! Checking out your wedding posts now. :)

    Love all the jadeite cake stands too!

  2. seriously, amazing themed parties! can not wait to see what you do in 2013! and by far your wedding was the most beautiful party! it was so YOU GUYS too, which i love! :)

  3. I love the sequins and bows idea! Definitely writing that one down xx

  4. I love reading about your parties! The champagne and desserts party is my fave, mostly because it features two of my favorite things. Can't wait to read more about your bashes in 2013! You should totally post a step-by-step guide to arranging flowers. I'd love to get better at that. New Year's resolution, perhaps..?

    La Petite Gigi

  5. that video is amazing, looks like such a beautiful wedding, congrats;)

  6. Wow! I love the party themes, food, drinks and decor! You have got it together on the entertaining circuit, girl!

    And your Christmas cards below are also just adorable! New fan and follower here! Feel free to stop by GlamourMash anytime!!

Holly Foxen Wells


  7. Wonderful parties! Where did you get the gold sequin tablecloth?

  8. Wonderful parties! Where did you get the gold sequin tablecloth?

  9. Wow-- what a great wedding video!! Looks like you two really know how to toss a party!! Happy New Year-- and welcome to Chicago!! It's the best city ever!!