Thursday, December 20, 2012

{gift guide guest blog with A Fabulous Fete}

Today I have Lauren from A Fabulous Fete here to give you the 5 Things on her Christmas list!  I started reading Lauren's party centric blog almost two years ago after discovering a link to her amazing calligraphy.  You simply must check out her blog for some amazing party inspiration (including her recent wedding!) as well as her adorable Etsy shop which includes one of my favorite signs!  Take it away Lauren:

When Natalie asked me to pick out 5 things that were on MY list, I was like (heck yes), this will be super fun, easy, and the perfect link to send my husband. But then, I had to narrow my list to santa down to just a handful. It was hard, but I think that these really are the 5 things on the top of my list. 

01. palm leaf pillow. i've seriously been drooling over this forever. i can't bring myself to pay for pillows (they're just so easy to make), but i would totally accept them as gifts.

02. lighted peace sign. we have "that" wall in our living room that is begging for some tlc. this would be the perfect centerpiece to the art collection i plan on starting.

03. lips print. this will go right next the number 2.

04. kate spade 'ta da' necklace. i feel like whenever i explain something to someone, these words come out of my mouth. like everything i do is a magic trick or something. 

05. wildfox drunk on love sweater. just because it's cool, and i like margaritas.

Rachel Leigh of Rae Leigh Designs! Congrats Rachel!!! :)

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  1. great picks! The lips print is fabulous! I love your explanations for the necklace and the sweater. Wear them simultaneously? i think yes!