Friday, October 12, 2012

{friday cocktail: le nightcap}

Often times after the dessert has been finished during a dinner party at our place, the guys retire to the living room to sip on a selection of Chris' whiskey or bourbon from our bar.  Relaxing and drinking whiskey from a brandy glass in the later hours of the evening always feels so timeless and chic to me, but I never partake since I don't have much of a taste for whiskey or bourbon.  Not one to feel left out though, I developed my own little drink so that I can partake in the fancy-ness along with the boys.  I'm going to call it "Le Nightcap" and here's the small but strong recipe meant to be sipped (add an ice cube if you are going to be a little girl about it):



  1. I think I need to buy Hendrick's gin just for the bottle. Is that bad?