Friday, July 27, 2012

{friday cocktail: a goodbye toast to LA}

Instead of my regular Friday cocktail post, I want to propose a simple champagne toast (perched on moving boxes in a plastic champagne cup no less) in honor of the city I have grown to love...

It was 4 years ago that Chris and I moved into an old 3 bedroom home in Silverlake along with some good friends and almost 2 years ago we moved into our loft.  I moved down here from San Francisco and was convinced I would hate living in Los Angeles, but as it turns out it, I was very very wrong.  People can say a lot of negative things about LA such as it is superficial or too money and celebrity focused, but I think LA (like many cities) can become what you make of it.  Surrounded by many of our good friends, I think we truly made the best of LA and I will miss our time here dearly.  It was in these past 4 years in LA that we made countless new friendships, threw some amazing parties, started this blog, got married, and just generally lived a good portion of our 20s to the fullest.  

So here's to the city and the people that have given us so many good memories...



  1. Best wishes for your move and congrats on all your achievements this year! :)

  2. this post almost made me cry! im sad i wont get to see you at alexandra's parties but i cant wait to follow your new adventures in chicago! have a safe and easy move!

  3. :) Good luck in Chicago, Xs!

  4. Best of luck with your big move! I hope you grow to love Chicago as well!


  5. cheers to LA!! so glad you guys learned to love it :) and cant wait to hear of your new adventures in chicago! good luck with the move.

  6. Awwww we'll miss ya! I'll still be following your blog of course!