Friday, March 23, 2012

{friday cocktail: applejack rabbit}

One of the fabulous gifts I received at my bridal shower was the PDT Cocktail book which Chris and I have had on our wish list for sometime.  This book includes over 300 recipes from the famed PDT speakeasy in NYC as well as extensive guides to bar prep, tools and techniques.  While many of the recipes include obscure ingredients or significantly more preparation than your average cocktail the results are well worth it.  For our first cocktail from the book, we choose something with relatively straight forward ingredients, the Applejack Rabbit, and substituted the regular orange juice the recipe calls for with blood orange.  While the previous Applejack cocktail we made was not one of my favorites, this one has just the right amount of sweet and citrus to win me over and perhaps even earn a spot on our regular rotation of cocktail recipes...

{pdt book image via}



  1. Looks amazing! I now have a cocktail craving. What a great gift-your guests truly know you! Your Friday Cocktail series looks a lot like my Thursty should check it out sometime!

    La Petite Gigi