Thursday, November 17, 2011

{thanksgiving ideas}

I am pretty much an equal opportunity lover of all holidays, but Thanksgiving definitely ranks up near the top.  I always love how its more of a casual and cozy holiday without the pressure of gifts or costumes.  With Thanksgiving only a week away, I started searching around for some fun ideas to use this year....

These napkins are available on Etsy, but could be a really easy and fun DIY project for this coming weekend.  Plus, they arent Thanksgiving specific so we could get use out of them year round!

Although its a little late this year to send out invites to Thanksgiving, I think it would fun to save this idea for next years get together.  Even though most people already know they are invited to Thanksgiving, it is still fun to receive a physical invite in the mail.  These postcard invites are also available on Etsy.

Chris and I are always put in charge of the cocktails for Thanksgiving, last year we made up a big batches of these.  My brother is obsessed with all things bacon and requested a cocktail that lives up to his expectations this year.  We have decided on making bacon infused bourbon which will be used to make a bacon old fashioned.

As much as I love mini sized desserts, Thanksgiving just isn't the holiday for that type of sizing.  These individual pumpkin mousse desserts from Spoon Fork Bacon are the perfect compromise since they are an appropriate proportion for Thanksgiving, but still have all the charm of "mini" since they are served individually. 

I love these simple placecards from Etsy that do double-duty on Thanksgiving by having everyone write down something they are thankful for.  These would be a very quick weekend DIY project.  The best part would be saving them to bring out the following year and reminiscing about what everyone wrote down.


  1. Those napkins are so cute and would be so easy to paint onto tea towels! And if my fiance finds out about bacon-infused bourbon, I'll never be able to bring anything else home from the liquor shop. Keeping that one a secret :) Great ideas! Looks like a lot of fun.


  2. i love this post! thanksgiving is the best.
    ps i want to make those napkins asap!

  3. Those place cards are my favorite! That would a be a sweet, fun tradition to start.