Thursday, November 17, 2011

{friday cocktail: sugared rose}

One of my favorite blogs and online magazines for party inspiration is The Party Dress. They just launched their holiday issue and it does not disappoint, especially in the cocktail department.  This issue featured a Fizzy Fig champagne cocktail, which uses home-made fig, pepper and vanilla sugar cubes.  I bookmarked this cocktail recipe for the future, but I was also interested in how simple it sounded to make custom flavored sugar cubes using flavored syrups.  I followed The Party Dress' recipe for the flavored sugar cubes and simply switched out the fig syrup for Rose syrup to make these dainty pink sugar cubes which went perfectly with this Friday's recipe....

I was really happy with how the taste of sugar cubes came out, but they weren't as clean aesthetically as I would have hoped.  To me the charm of sugar cubes are the clean square lines which mine did not have.  I think these would actually work better if you used a candy mold or perhaps pressed the top with an  additional layer of parchment.  A bit of advice- you absolutely must use allow these to "dry" for 3 to 4 hours otherwise the cubes completely fall apart. 

Also I am guest blogging over on Sweet Nothings today about my "favorite find" so go check it out right here and have a great weekend!



  1. Those look too pretty to use! Great party tip!

  2. The rose sugar cubes are so pretty! & the drink sounds delis, I'll have to try it. Happy weekend~

  3. Oh I love ANYTHING with St Germaine...the bottle is so gorgeous, I just loving having it out on the counter! ;)

  4. This is such a fun idea! Thanks!

  5. hi natalie! i just made some sugar cubes yesterday.. it took quite a few experimental runs to get them just right. just like you said, i wanted mine to come out perfectly square... from your photos it looks like you used a lot of liquid! i used 1/2 cup sugar, 1 tsp rose water & 1 tsp water, and used parchment paper to press them into a big square... then a long sharp knife & a ruler over the baking sheet did the trick! i cut them, let them dry for a 1/2 hr, and then separated the cubes & left them to dry for an hour... they came out PERFECT! also did a batch with orange blossom water, used some food coloring in another... thank you for this amazing idea, love your bloggy :)


  6. I tried a few different ways too and found that doing 5 tbs instead of 4 tbs of sryup made them stay together and made for cleaner lines. Thanks so much for the idea! Loved it!