Thursday, October 20, 2011

{a little white spray paint}

I have been having a super productive week! In addition to finally hanging our upholstered headboard, I also tackled a small spray paint project that has been on my to do list forever.  One of the problems with living in the loft is you cannot just walk out to your driveway to spray paint something.  Instead, I have to go down to the street level and hang out with my stuff while I spray paint it behind our building (people give me odd looks like I am about the tag the side of our building. It isn't pleasant).  Anyways, I have had these candle holders since we moved to LA.  They used to be the stands to some glass hurricanes and I painted them Robin's Egg blue to use as candle holders (you can see them in action here).  While the blue is pretty, it isnt very versatile and I finally got around to repainting them a glossy white.  I really love how these turned out and plan on keeping them on our dining room table instead of hidden on our bookshelf from now on!

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