Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{almost tufted diy upholstered headboard}

Sometimes there are those DIY projects that you start and just never can quite get around to finishing.  We set out to make our own tufted headboard before we moved into the loft.  I picked up this blue grey stretch cotton fabric from the Micheal Levine loft and we were able to whip up the frame and upholster the headboard within an hour or so.  The part that escaped us for next 8 months was the actual tufting of the headboard.  All the tutorials we read said this was the most time consuming part.  We even dropped off fabric to get the buttons for the tufting made at Pepe's in Silverlake and still havent picked them up!  Since we were still planning to tuft the headboard after we moved in, we never got around to mounting the headboard on the wall, but last night with a photoshoot in our loft looming this weekend, we finally got around to putting it up...

 {holes drilled in the back of the board which allow for the tufting!}

You can see the tutorial we followed to make the headboard here.  I promise to actually tuft this thing and share the real finished product in the next month!


  1. now i don't feel quite as bad that my custom framed, perfectly padded, and sadly unfinished headboard is still sitting in my garage waiting to be completed. i chose the nailhead trim route, which is a long painful process....perhaps this will serve as inspiration to lock myself in the garage this weekend and finish!

  2. Love it!! Another weekend project :-)