Thursday, August 18, 2011

{swan print}

Ever since we moved into the loft back in February, we have been looking for a piece of art to put inside a large 3 foot by 4 foot gold frame we have.  I temporarily made some "art" for it which you can see in this previous post.  Finally, a few weeks ago we found some over-sized black and white prints on Etsy that were extremely reasonable in price given the size.  We choose this print of the swans and had the seller do a custom listing for the larger size which ended up being $45.  I am still shocked Chris agreed to it since the swans seemed pretty girly to me (too late now- we own it!).

 Initially I fell in love with the color version of this print (here), but the price is about 4 times as much so we opted for the back and white.  In the end though, I am really happy with the contrast that the large black and white print brings to the room.  You will have to excuse the dark photographs- the there isn't a lot of light in the back of the loft, but the lack of light comes the lack of windows which just means there is more usable wall space for artwork!

Here are some of the other options we were considering:


  1. These swans I like - A Goose

  2. Natalie where did you get the beautiful vintage-looking gold frame the print is in? I LOVE it.