Monday, August 8, 2011

{summer appetizer: strawberry pesto crostini}

Okay technically this appetizer could be made all year round, but the strawberries make it feel like it belongs in summertime.  Anyways this is now my new favorite appetizer since it has everything you need; toasted bread, creamy goat cheese, tasty pesto, sweet strawberries and tart balsamic.  I originally came across this recipe on Pinterest and you can view the instructions here.  To be honest, I cheated on this and bought the pesto from the store since I was exhausted after a weekend trip to Palm Springs (yes, I realize pesto is easy to make and yes, I still choose to purchase it pre-made: it is Classico brand and it was great).  I would also recommend that instead of chopping the strawberries, you slice them in thin layers and lay them on top of the crostini.  The chopped strawberries got a bit messy and I assure you it wasn't user error, those strawberries fall everywhere.  Just do yourself a favor and slice them.

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