Friday, August 12, 2011

{friday cocktail: new york sour}

This Friday's cocktail is another discovery from 12 Bottle Bar.   I came across this classic cocktail recipe in the website's write up on 4 different ways to make a sour which is a very informative post and I recommend you check it out.  The New York sour is just like a plain old original sour except...wait for it....there is a float of red wine on top. Yes, wine.  I was skeptical about this one, but I am attempting to appreciate rye/whiskey and since I love red wine, I figured this might be a nice cocktail to ease me into it.   I would never have ordered this cocktail if it was on a bar menu, but it was actually really good. Plus, I got to try my hand at "floating" a liquid on top of a cocktail which is definitely more intimidating than it actually is.  Here is the recipe:


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