Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{engagement shoot outfits}

On Tuesday afternoon we got to take our engagement pictures with our awesome photographer Roger from EPLove (if you need a photographer, hire them. They are wonderful and you will laugh constantly).  From what I have seen most people wear a "casual" outfit and then a "dressy" outfit for their engagement shoots.  But the thing is, I would literally live in party dresses and floor length gowns if I could get away with it so I pretty much went the dressy route for each of the locations. We shot in three different spots in Los Angeles and here is what I wore:

We started out at the Griffith Park observatory, shooting on the observatory deck and in the hiking trails surrounding it.  Originally I fell in love with this Mara Hoffman dress at Anthropologie, but it was completely sold out in my size.  After leaving Anthropologie disappointed, I stumbled upon and purchased this dress from Urban Outfitters.  I bought some deep navy silk and asked the fabulous girl, Anoushka, who is making all of the bridesmaids dresses for our wedding if she would be able to take the Urban Outfitters dress top and sew a new flowy skirt on to it.  The finished product was exactly what I wanted and I highly recommend her for any custom dress needs you might have. You can check out her Etsy shop here, the shop is currently on vacation, but you can click on "sales" to see some of her work.

 {H&M by Night dress, Aldo "fawson" heels, vintage gold belt}

For the second location, we shot all over our gym, the Los Angeles Athletic Club.  People thought we were nuts when were would say "yeah we are shooting part of the engagement shoot at our gym."  I could picture them thinking "umm ok like lifting weights and stuff? weird."  But the Athletic Club has this wonderful old school 1950s feel with a large ballroom, sweet rooftop deck and an amazing indoor pool (they even shoot Mad Men there!)

{Zara Bow slingbacks, Carolina Herrara dress}

We finished up our shoot back at our loft, which we have poured our hearts into decorating over the last 6 months and is where we actually got engaged (you can re-live the magic right here).  I wore this dress to my Junior prom. The pictures on here do it zero justice because it is truly one of my favorites and Chris probably doesn't remember, but I was also wearing this dress the first time we met. 

I promise to share the photos once I have them!


  1. Love all of the options!! All so unique. Cannot wait to see the pics!

  2. Oohh- I can't wait to see the pics! Love the blue dress. Well done!