Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{some new additions}

Okay I know I said before that three apothecary jars was enough, but I lied. Because actually I think five of them is enough since I have just added two more to our collection!  One of the best stands in the Los Angeles flower mart doesn't sell flowers, it actually sells vases and in the past few months they have transitioned into selling almost all apothecary jars- most of which are under 20 bucks- even the HUGE ones. The new ones we purchased were $13 and $14 (the taller one is about 18 inches high).  Check out this photo I snapped with my phone of their awesome selection:

I am still not sure if I want to keep the new apothecary jars grouped with the original ones in our entryway or move them somewhere else in our loft. If I keep them with the original jars then I also need to figure out what to fill them with!  I could obviously fill them with more faux succulents, but I am afraid that might be a bit much? Perhaps I will throw some succulents in there just until the end of summer and then the holidays will begin giving me plenty of other "filling" options.  Ahhh important decisions...

We also just added this awesome match holder and Big Sur candle from Jonathan Adler which were an engagement gift from some good friends of ours.  Although the instructions on the match holder say you can strike the matches on the ribbed top of the stand, I think I will instead add a small piece of adhesive and sand paper to the bottom.

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