Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{diy bachelorette headbands}

{terra with muji & dugg-e wearing their pouf collars}

For Chris and my 25th birthday party last year, we made fabric pouf collars for the dogs to dress up in- see the photo above (please note the happy expressions on the dog's faces).  The dogs were less than thrilled about this and as the night progressed the pouf collars turned into a pouf headband- see picture below:

{Terra wearing the pouf collars as a headband}

This past weekend was the bachelorette party for my friend Heather and she had the great idea to make these pouf headbands in all different shades of pink for all of the ladies to wear instead of ordering obnoxious screen printed tank tops (thank you heather).  Here are the very simple directions on how to make these fun headbands:

{kaylee, natalie, heather (the bride), me}

what you need:

  • fabric in the varying shades you wish to use. (one single headband using about 5 or 6 different fabrics will only need about 8 square inches of fabric for each color)
  • one 24 inch strip of grosgrain ribbon for the band (while we used fabric for the band part of the headband- it will significantly cut your time and effort if you use ribbon)
  • scissors
  1. cut strips of the different colored fabric about 1/2 inch wide and 6 to 7 inches long. These strips do not need to be straight or perfectly cut in any way.  It actually looks better if they are a little but uneven and fraying at the edges
  2. starting in the middle of your 24 inch long piece of grosgrain ribbon start double knotting the strips of colored fabric one by one right next to each other
  3. push all the knots as close together as possible and rotate some of the knots so that the strips become more of a cluster than a straight line

      {Sarah (the maid of Honor) wearing hers as an arm-band}


      1. Love this idea! How neat, fun, and different!

      2. Love this idea!!! And now, suddenly, I really want to go to a bachelorette party...Looks like you girls had fun. :)

      3. love this idea! how did you attach the ends of the ribbon together?

      4. So kinda a random question... but do you know where that amazing dress is from?? Im in love.

      5. Hi Katie-

        That lovely lady in the first two photos is my good friend and maid of honor, Terra, and she made that dress herself!! It is amazing huh?