Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{cinco de mayo fringe garland}

{finished garland on our deck}

Clearly I have a small obsession with garland (evidence here, here, here), so with Cinco de Mayo coming up I wanted to try making garland with fringed tissue paper. For some time now I have been seriously inspired by Confetti System's beautiful decorations like this:

 {image via Martha Stewart}

 Martha Stewart's easy tutorial, here, is what finally pushed me to make this garland. Fringed garland always looks so incredibly time consuming and difficult, but this tutorial made it look so easy and I even ended up cutting some corners. Instead of cutting all the fringe with scissors, I used a sliding paper cutter (this probably cut this project's time down by an hour) and I stapled the fringe to the ribbon rather than taping it. Honestly the reason I used a stapler was because we didn't have any tape in the house, but still I would recommend using a stapler over tape because it was so much faster (unless you are going to be OCD about the staples showing through).   I used 4 sheets of tissue paper folded in half for each one which is what the directions suggest, but I think you could get away with only two sheets if need be.

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  1. Oh~ I love your garland! I would love the confetti system's garland as well!!!