Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{5 minute fresh bread}

I love fresh bread (really who doesn't?), but it isn't always convenient or practical to buy a new loaf everyday which is why I was really interested in the "5 minute a day fresh bread" article Chris found on Lifehacker.  We make up a batch of this on Sunday afternoons then refrigerate the dough.  Throughout the week we simply break off a piece of dough when needed and make up a fresh loaf of bread.  This bread is almost foolproof, every time it turns out crunchy on the outside and moist inside.  I would say it is a few minutes more than 5 minutes to prepare the oven and get everything together to make the bread, but I still its well worth the time.  You can find the recipe we follow here.

For our St Patricks Day dinner party, we added a little bit of chopped rosemary to the dough and it turned out great so we are trying to think of other different ways to experiment with the dough like adding chopped garlic or making a cinnamon/sugar swirl.

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