Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{mid-century chair make-over}

One of our old neighbors in Silver Lake was getting rid of these chairs and we took them with the intention to refinish them as soon as we moved somewhere with more space.  Right before moving into the new loft, we finally got to give them the attention they deserved! We removed the old varnish, lightly sanded the entire chair and then finished them with one of Varathane's wood stains in "American Walnut."  The old yellow cushions went in the trash and we made brand new bottom cushions.  I created a paper stencil from the wood inside the original cushion and used that to cut a brand new piece of plywood using a jigsaw. Then I attached 2 inch thick foam with spray adhesive to the top of the plywood. The foam was then covered with batting that was staple gunned to the back of the plywood. The grey wool fabric was another Micheal Levine Loft find! The fabric was attached in the same way as the batting except with about 10 times as many staples holding it on so that the fabric was smooth. Instead of making new back cushions we bought simple white cotton pillows from Ikea.

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  1. Love this makeover! The grey is perfect! And the artwork and furniture in the background is enticing me too.

    Tanya from