Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{fish bowl terrarium}

Since the gloomy weather this past weekend ruined my plans for some gardening, I decided it was the perfect time to re-plant an indoor terrarium that did not fair well in the move.  The large fish bowl vase was a TJ Maxx find, but you can find vases like these in the LA Flower Mart or at Home Goods.

What you need:
  • vase - fish bowl shaped ones work best
  • small rocks or gravel
  • potting soil
  • moss (my favorite is Super Moss' Reindeer Moss)
  • various small succulents (Home Depot has a great selection for $1.50)
    1. place a small layer of gravel or rocks in the bottom of the vase, for a vase the size of mine (12 inch diameter) I used about an inch worth. This allows for some drainage.
    2. top with a couple inches of potting soil 
    3. loosely plant succulents in desired locations, you can support them with some of the leftover small rocks if needed.  I recommend working from front to back as you plant the succulents, and then plant the one in the center last.
    4. fill uncovered dirt with moss and rocks (this is optional but I think it looks much better with the additional color)
    5. lightly water until soil is moist
    6. place in area that gets a good amount sunlight and lightly water once a week.

    I find that my terrariums will last 3 to 4 months before needing to be re-planted.  I imagine this time period changes based on how much or how little sunlight you get indoors. Our previous house had very little natural light and the terrariums could make it a few months. The loft gets TONS of morning sun so I am hoping this terrarium is going to stick it out for at least 6 months! Terrariums make easy inexpensive gifts as well. You can purchase 5 inch diameter fish bowl vases, fill it with three small succulents and then attach a cute gift tag (like this).


    1. I love that you have the Sunday Styles section as your table covering. Even your "preventing mess" is chic!

    2. Thank you for posting great pictures along with the directions. I have been meaning to do this for a long time and your post gives me a good nudge!

    3. i love this project and will be making it ASAP!

    4. thank you so much for this amazing DIY. i finally did it!
      it turned out so well that we posted it on our blog & linked our readers over to your blog for the instructions.


      ps - love your blog