Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have an obsession with magazines and I subscribe to a ridiculous amount (as in 15 or so). Everything from fashion to food to travel. And this past year I discovered e-magazines just in time for the launches of some of my favorite ones! Here is my short list of e-magazines- click on the image caption to read the issue:

{Ivy & Piper Love Issue}

Ivy & Piper is an Australian based home decor magazine with fashion influencing much of the editorial. The most recent issue, The Love Issue, would be completely dog-eared if I had a physical copy at home.  I need the rug in that cover image.

{Lonny Mar/Apr 2011}

Lonny's mix of home decor and fashion is very similar to Ivy & Piper, except that it is based out of the U.S. and the decor featured it bit higher end- closer to that of an Elle Decor magazine.

{Sweet Paul Issue 4}

Sweet Paul is a food and cooking magazine which focuses heavily on dessert and seasonal themed dishes (nothing wrong with that!). I can't wait for the next issue coming out in June that centers around summer recipes and outdoor entertaining. I especially like the "Freeze It" article about frozen treats in the current issue, the Neapolitan ice cream cake looks spectacular. This magazine also has some of the most beautiful food styling I have ever seen.

{Rue Issue 4}

Some of my very favorite bloggers make up the editorial team at Rue and even though they are only on their 4th issue, I am already completely hooked. Rue is by far my favorite of all the online magazines I follow. The photography and design of this magazine are stellar plus the articles feel fresh, not just plucked from the same stuff circulating around all the design blogs.

Now I just need an ipad to complete my viewing experience of these wonderful magazines....


  1. Thanks for sharing these! I too am a magazine lover, but get tired of them all over the house (I have a tough time parting with them, what can I say). I've recently discovered e-magazines as well and think they're a great option for keeping subscription costs and clutter down - thanks for the great recommendations! :)

  2. Hi Natalie, thank you for following me on Twitter. Just found time to visit your lovely blog. I love your posts and ideas. I'm happy to be a follower :)