Friday, June 26, 2015

{Poolside Essentials with Target}

This post is sponsored by Target.

Well guys- this past weekend marks the official start of summer, so hopefully your closet is filled with an arsenal of bikinis and the beach bag is sitting by your front door ready to roll!   Whether it’s a random 90 degree day in February or the normal scorching LA summer days, I would consider myself an expert at packing a poolside bag to stay cool in the heat year round.  Before our impromptu stay at The Parker Palm Springs last weekend, I made sure to re-stock all my favorite summer essentials on a quick Target run.  If you are like me, you go to Target for some toothpaste, black out and wake up 20 minutes later with a cart filled with goodies.   This trip was no exception; I went in with a small list of items to pick up like sunscreen and some green juice, but I completely blacked out upon entering and bought a new set of sheets and a side table I plan to spray paint white (this one to be exact!) in addition to all my favorite poolside essentials. 

Here’s what I stock in my pool bag:

1.     Sunscreen: I burn in about 2 minutes flat.  Coola is one of my favorite brands of sunscreen- mostly because it smells delicious, but it can get a bit pricey so I was SUPER happy to see Target’s got a budget friendly version by them calledBare for the summer.
2.     Pacifica Coconut Face Wipes- I keep these in my purse regularly –they’re super refreshing for those moments when you have basically sweat half your make up off and need to reset.
3.     Suja juice- Target carries two of my fave Suja juices- this one is like a spicy lavender lemonade and it only has 10 calories.
4.     EOS mini lotion – this is hands down the best shape for a space-saving purse sized lotion and equally important to its size is that it smells delicious.
5.     Frozen Green Grapes- there is no better snack than crisp frozen green grapes to graze on while you work on your tan.
6.     Travel Pack of Roasted Almonds- good to fend off getting hangry.
7.     Starbucks Doubleshots- because #COFFEE.
8.     Misc Make up bag stuff: travel advil, mini altoids, Caudalie facial spray, tinted lip balm, mini perfume rollerball, alligator clip
9.     Portable charger- Instagram can really suck your battery. It’s a problem.

Do you have any fave poolside essentials (besides obviously a delicious margarita)?!

What’s your #TargetRun?

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