Friday, November 7, 2014

{friday cocktail: celine fizz}

Well I'm back this Friday with another cocktail from my new favorite cocktail book (I'm assuming you now own this book too since you ordered it immediately after reading last week's cocktail post).   Once again social commitments (Halloween, #sinistersupper, general avoidance of responsibilities) has prevented me from traveling out to get obscure cocktail ingredients so I tried to find another recipe in the book where we had all the ingredients on hand.  The Celine Fizz cocktail reaaaaaally surprised me- it is decadent from the egg white foam, but still tart and delicious from the lemon and St. Germain.  You'll wanna make this cocktail for the chicks in your life who want something a bit sweet, something that includes the ultimate lady ingredient of St. Germain Liqueur and something that is "not too strong" (even though this cocktail is just as strong as most).  


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  1. Natalie are you still blogging? I miss your posts.