Tuesday, August 5, 2014

{summer flowers}

The first few weeks that we were back in downtown Los Angeles, I was itching to take a trip to the flower mart, but it didn't seem worth it to buy fresh flowers when our place was in the utter chaos of moving boxes everywhere.  The weekend before last, we finally had people over as the boxes are gone and our place is almost done so a took a quick morning trip to The Original Flower Mart.

I picked up a bunch of gorgeous pale pink dahlias that were on sale and then proceeded to add a few more organic feeling florals like scabiosa pods and clover.  I also picked up a bunch of inexpensive bright pink spray roses to fill in the arrangement and add a pop of color.   Using floral foam in my favorite trophy vases from Target, I was able to make two super full arrangements from about $30 worth of florals plus a tiny arrangement using the leftover roses (not pictured) for the bathroom.  Really is there anything better than fresh flowers in your home?!?

Green Wedding Shoes even did a great write up on navigating the LA flower mart if its your first time!!

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