Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{loft bedroom before & after}

In addition to our outdoor deck (which I'll be sharing next week!), we were able to finish the bedroom area of our loft pretty quickly- I mean there is nothing like sleeping on an air mattress for a week and a half to motivate you right?!?  Our old loft actually had walls around the bedroom area, this time around we are in a true loft situation with the bedroom being located just on the other side of the kitchen separated by a partition wall.

Not much has changed in this room since our Chicago bedroom, we had to lose the slatted bench for space reasons and we brought in the Beverly prints from TheAestate since this is the only wall they will fit on nicely.   The moroccan wedding blanket has found a home at the end of our bed and I love the bohemian vibe it adds to the otherwise glam-inspired decor.  The one problem area I haven't figured out in this room is what to put on the gray credenza (which used to be our bar) that is under our largest (and favorite!) piece of art.  I don't want to overload the piece with a bunch of stuff, but it definitely needs something, but I'm not in a big rush to figure it out since it's always nice to have a little project to work on.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a special giveaway post with The Aestate!!

Sources to items that are still available for purchase (everything else is old or vintage) at the bottom of the post!

diy navy blue headboard
nightstands + overlays (diy here)
bedside lamps
moroccan wedding blanket
white quilted euro & boudoir shams
Beverly Palm prints
picture frames for large prints
floor mirror

Here's one more sneak peek "before" photo looking into the loft from another angle.  I can't wait to share the living room area which is almost done!!


  1. I love this look! Soothing with just a little pop to give it a bit of edge.

  2. This room looks great! I love the details, and I am IN love with those night stands!

  3. Looks great! Those floors are awesome. Can't wait to see the rest of the loft.