Tuesday, July 8, 2014

{bathroom rug shopping}

Let's be real for a second....I'm typing this from an air mattress that we have been sleeping on in our empty loft for the past week or so.  Our moving truck was supposed to arrive somewhere between July 1st to the 5th and that clearly did not happen.  It is now slated to arrive this afternoon...thank. god.   In the meantime we have been putting together our rooftop deck which is pretty much done at this point (I'm not going to lie to you, I'm obsessed with it and it just might be the best work we have ever done- I cannot wait to share!).  I have also spent some significant time sitting on said deck researching odds and ends for our place on the internet (shopping on the internet might be one of my top three skills in life.)

Currently one thing I am trying to hunt down is a runner sized rug for our bathroom.  Our Chicago place and previous DTLA loft had reaaaaally tiny bathrooms.  Bathrooms so small that even regular bathroom rugs were a stretch in those spaces.  So while our new place's bathroom isn't that huge, it feels luxuriously large to me in comparison to our past spaces.  Since we aren't planning to get too crazy with this bathroom (such as painting it black/gold), I definitely want to bring in some color or interest with this rug.  I also do not want to get a traditional "bathroom" rug, but instead find a flatweave rug that will be able to hold up in a bathroom.  The space is sized perfectly to house a runner-sized rug so here are some options I'm currently exploring:

1. Rugs USA Savanna Lattice: I love this one a lot and the price is great, but I fear it's 
too similar to all our other lattice style rugs.

2. Crate & Barrel Diamond Harbor: The small pattern of this rug would be perfect for a 
high traffic area, but is it too boring?

3. IKEA Valby Ruta: I'm not sure why I think it would be kind of amazing to have this rug that feels like it belongs in a cigar room or old library, but something about it just seems kind of interesting if it was placed in the bathroom.  

4. Crate & Barrel's Dyna Grey  This one is a pretty solid option - especially the price, but I'm concerned an "outdoor" weave rug will be too rough on bare feet. 

5. Vintage Kilim Style I'm kicking myself for not buying 45 more dugs just like this one while we were in Morocco because they are about 12 times as expensive to buy them here, but I love the bright colors of this kilim rug from Ebay. 


  1. I love #3 and #5 -- #3 would be SO unexpected in a bathroom space, and #5 would give you so many color options throughout the rest of the room.

    Fingers crossed that the truck gets there ASAP!!!

  2. #5! yes! i am going to israel in a few weeks and they have awesome colored rugs and suzanis, i am going to go crazy :) you know i love me some color. now PLEASE agree to come decorate my new house!