Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{goodbye chicago!}

The movers packed up our place on Monday and today we are headed back to Los Angeles after a whirlwind two years living in Chicago (Evanston near Northwestern's campus to be exact).  We moved to Chicago for Chris to attend Kellogg for his MBA and in the back of our minds we always knew we would be heading back to sunny southern California after his graduation.  Friends had told us we would love this city and fall in love with the experience of Kellogg even more, but we truly had no idea what a life-changing two years this would be when we arrived.  

Chicago is a truly vibrant city (besides the winter) that we had the chance to fully explore over our time here - mostly through unforgettable dining and cocktailing experiences.  The past two years also created tons of travel memories including our Kwest trip to the Dominican Republic, two costume filled ski trips in Colorado, 3 months living in Paris and a spring break trip to Morocco, Spain and the south of France.  But even more dear to my heart than the Chicago foodie scene and our travel destinations has been the lifelong friendships and traditions we created here that will follow us long after we start a new chapter in LA.  I won't ramble on about the sappy feelings that go along with moving away, but I will say that the past two years will always be a source of happy memories...crazy nights out, hilarious costumes, late night dinner parties with close friends, once in a lifetime travel and a million moments that when I think of them I find myself uncontrollably smiling at just the thought.

Here's a little look back in photos of the past two years in Chicago and beyond!


  1. Great post of your 2 year Chicago stint; we so enjoyed sharing time there with you both! So happy to have you back home!!

  2. I can't believe it's already been 2 years! I remember when you first moved out there. (Especially because I was about to undertake a rather dramatic move myself, so I was watching your move with trepidation, haha). Congrats to Chris on his MBA! Enjoy the sunny weather back home!