Friday, June 27, 2014

{friday cocktail: the best cocktail books}

Since all of my cocktail making tools as well as our entire bar has been packed up for the past week and a half, I'm here to today with a little round up of my favorite cocktail books instead of a fresh recipe!  We own all but one of these guys and I would recommend every single one have a space on your bar (plus they all make fabulous gifts for the drinking enthusiasts in your life which I would hope is everyone you know.)

1.  Craft Cocktails is by far my favorite of all of books because quite simply it is the most gorgeously photographed cocktail book I have ever seen.  Definitely keep this one out on your coffee table!

2.  The PDT book is the book that gets the most use in our house, both for inventive cocktails and classics.

3.  Both of Mrs. Lillien's cocktail swatchbooks are fabulous, but I prefer the dessert one since her original cocktail book includes a lot of blended cocktails and I generally don;t find myself making too many of those. 

4.  The Savoy cocktail book is the OG of cocktail books- originally published in 1930

5.  We were given Bitters as a gift and I was skeptical about it, but it actually includes a lot of great recipes as well as interesting background on one of my favorite cocktail additions. 

6.  Punch is a go to resource for big party drinks.

7.  The Bar Book was the first cocktail book we owned and its a great resource for anyone just starting their bar as it contains practically every cocktail you would ever need to look up and then some. 

8.  If you wanna get all fancy with your cocktail making Cocktails For Her For Him is the book for you. 


  1. This is awesome. I have my one battered copy of "illustrated guide to cocktails" that has been seeing me through but I may have to invest in an upgrade...

  2. Love this! I haven't seen "Craft Cocktails" yet, but if it's anything like "Vintage Cocktails" I'm sure there will be lots of pretty pictures.

    Kailani from

  3. Oh man, these look amazing! I love a good cocktail (I actually just did a post about how to do infusions on my blog today), but it's so hard for me to afford something fancy on the regular! Even just stocking the "bare bones" of a cocktail cart can be a couple of hundred! I might just have to stick to my whiskey and lemonade at home until I get a raise :)