Tuesday, June 10, 2014

{dining room lighting inspiration}

Lately I have been spending significant time scouring the internet for a new lighting option for above our dining room table.  We have used my DIY Bubble chandelier above the table for the past 4 years and while I still absolutely love it, it feels like its time for a change (but don't worry it will hopefully find a new home in our entryway!).  I really like the idea of doing a cluster of 3 to 5 pendant lamps grouped over the center of the table - I would especially love this one if I could find a more affordable version or a DIY option.  Here's a few others that have caught my eye as options recently (one or two are purely in the wishlist territory because of the cost, but I'm hoping to find a cheaper alternative):

1.  This Bosonic lightbulb grouping has a similar feel to our bubble chandelier, but with a decidedly more masculine feel to it.

2. I love the thick iron on this prism pendant and the price is approachable so we could potentially do 2 or 3 of these centered along the middle of the table.

3.  This simple sputnik chandelier is a total dream, but it's way out of my price range.  Although I have seen some promising DIY versions that I might be willing to try out. 

4.  Tom Dixon copper pendants in a group of 3 would be a beautiful pop of color paired with our glossy black table and crisp white chairs. 

5. I know this will never really be a viable option because Chris will veto it in less than 2 seconds, but how amazing would an over the top glamorous chandelier look inside an urban loft?!?!

6.  This full sputnik chandelier from Anthropologie would be perfect....if they mark it down by like 90%. 

7.  I like the easy industrial look of these caged pendants from Target and they come in two sizes which could be good for clustering together a big group of them.

8.  Big white globe lights in a grouping have a great mid century modern vibe and pretty much every website I have browsed sells some version of these.  I also particularly like the glass versions from West Elm


  1. Not the same shape as the pendant you love so much, but World Market has a similar feeling pendant - http://www.worldmarket.com/product/black-iron-bell-pendant-lamp.do?&from=fn

    Can't wait to see your new loft!


    1. Thanks Rebecca! Thats super helpful!


  2. one of our brands sells something super similar to #2; and will be having a big promo for the 4th of july (varaluz)

    xoxo-danielle. cant wait to have drinks!

  3. #s 3 and 6 are SO good. sigh.