Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{paris: week 11}

This past week was our last full week in Paris before we leave on a 2 week traveling stint with 4 other friends of ours who escaped Chicago winter (some have dubbed it Chi-beria) to meet us here.  Our time here flew by which is something I definitely didn't anticipate as 3 months living in a new city seemed like forever before we arrived.  I am content knowing that there is nothing left on my list that I feel I didn't see or experience in this amazing country.  In addition to taking in all the sights, I feel like we got to experience what it is really like to live in Paris not just visit it for a few days.  I'm not quite ready to write my "love letter" post about our time here, but I promise it will come soon along with a big PDF of all my recommendations for this wonderful city.  One thing I will say now is that this city has definitely given me a new perspective on life and changed me in ways that may be subtle to an outside observer, but feel significant in every way to me (sounds incredibly cheesy to write that, but it's undeniably true).

{welcoming our friends to paris with a sunday morning eiffel tower picnic}


  1. Aww Hi everyone!! I can't believe how fast your trip has gone, but I've loved every minute of it via your weekly recaps. Come back to LA soon, please! :)

    Pursuit of Shoes

  2. I love the shot of vertige <3 one of my souvenirs from my trip to paris in the fall was a waxed canvas planter from there. I can't wait to read your big sappy post with recommendations.

  3. OMG...what an experience, so happy you two and friends had such an amazing opportunity!

  4. You look stunning in the photo talking about your Paris letter to come! Can't wait to read it. Intrigued about the changes this experience has had on you. Love that you have embraced every moment and shared with us!

  5. Have loved your photos and travel tips and I do totally understand, having spent time in Paris how it can subtly change you! Can't wait for more details - you have a wonderful way of sharing!!