Monday, March 31, 2014

{monday morning with}

I hope you enjoyed the Monday Morning With series that ran during the last 3 months while I was living in Paris.  Today's feature will be the last one now that we are back in Chicago and I thought it might be fun to answer all those interesting interview questions myself!  So here is a sneak peak into some of the things you might now normally know about me from simply reading my blog- check out all the previous bloggers from the past 12 Monday mornings right here.

what's your drink of choice?
For cocktails: either The Business or a Negroni.  For wine:  A nice dry sparkling wine or a strong Pinot Noir.

what's the most recent store you shopped at?
Ebay- I finally hunted down an amazing Three Floor dress. I scour ebay almost daily!

do you have a signature scent?
To say I am obsessed with perfume would be an understatement.  For a longtime I wore exclusively Marc Jacobs original scent, but now I like to mix it up between 7 or 8 different ones depending on the day.  Current favorites include Hermes Jardin Sur Le Toit and Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black- although the one I get the most compliments on is Bond No. 9 for Saks.

what is the top item on your wishlist right now? 
The Celine Luggage bag- practically every girl in paris was toting one of these which made me want one even more than I thought I did. 

what'd you do this past weekend? 
Chris and I spent our last night in Paris at the fabulous W near the Paris Opera before using up the rest of the weekend to travel home and get our place back in order after a 3 month absence.

where are you or where would you like to travel to next?
We are going to be taking a little break from travel given how much we have been doing recently, but the next big place on my wishlist that I would like to get to within the next couple years would be Thailand.

what are you currently reading?
The Power of Habit - I love to read non-fiction and this one is extremely thought provoking about how we develop our habits and how to understand or modify them.  

favorite quote of the moment?
“No one’s going to come tell you how it’s done”

whats your new favorite blog discovery?
I recently discovered The Love List and I appreciate her fabulous snarky way of writing and her awesome playlists!

tell us a secret?
I double dip chips.  There it’s out. Feels good to admit it. 

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  1. I'm so impressed with all of your ebay finds! If you haven't done one yet, it would be fun to see your tips & tricks for finding pieces on ebay.

    Jenna l Clothed in Confetti