Friday, March 21, 2014

{friday cocktail: classic absinthe}

Even though it has been legal in the United States for a while now, we still wanted to hunt down some unique absinthe from France to bring home with us.  One of our friends recommended this tiny little absinthe shop in the Marais neighborhood of Paris and we spent an afternoon there last week.  The tiny shop is about as big as my closet and filled with more than 30 different types of absinthe from all around Europe.  The extremely knowledgeable shopkeeper helped us pick out a few interesting bottles to bring home in addition to telling us the correct way to enjoy it.  He also informed us that the lighting of the sugar is a hollywood gimmick which was a complete surprise to me!  We promptly opened one of the mini bottles we purchased at the boutique to enjoy before leaving France, but back home one of my favorites is Kubler.


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