Friday, February 21, 2014

{friday cocktail: fusion 75}

We just spent 4 wonderful days in the beautiful city of Florence soaking up all the charming city has to offer- especially the delicious pasta, pizza and gelato!  After a fun evening at a pizza making class, we headed to Fusion Bar in the Gallery Art Hotel to grab an after dinner cocktail.  We had intended to have a single nightcap, but ended up staying for 3 (plus a few more mini drinks the amazingly attentive bartender whipped up for us just to try for free!).  It's no surprise around here that I love a good champagne cocktail, so my first choice off the menu was the Fusion 75 which is the bar's take on a classic French 75, but they have added muddled lemongrass and sub the lemon juice for lime. It is served in it's own personal ice bucket (as pictured above) which seemed sort of gimmicky to me at first, but was really kind of great since my drink stayed perfectly cold for the duration of time I was sipping it!  For more cocktail inspiration, you can check out their entire cocktail menu right here.


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