Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{things i forgot to pack}

The last time I came to Paris was during a 6 week summer trip all around Europe.  At that time, I was 19 and I only had a small backpack with maybe four outfits in it total which meant I didn't give myself a lot of choices (it also meant that I resented that backpack and still do).  Packing to live in Paris for 3 months is basically the complete opposite situation and I found myself just trying to get as many articles of clothing and shoes into the small number of suitcases we were bringing while staying under the weight limit of course!  Now that we have been here for a week I feel pretty good about the packing choices I made, but after observing all the chic french girls running around the city it has become clear to me that I may have forgotten a few things...

flat ankle boots:  Although I did bring these black boots and these brown boots, I could definitely benefit from some additional flat ankle boots (like these fringed ones or these flat zara ones) for when the weather gets a little warmer, but not warm enough for ballet flats.  

simple black day dresses: I didn't bring a ton of dresses, but those I did bring are bit too colorful for Paris.  This simple black day dress with pockets from ASOS would be perfect with tights and a pair of those flat ankle boots I am also missing!

a cape:  Everywhere I look, girls are wearing adorable capes and just totally killing it.  I want to own this look as well.  This two-tone one from Zara is great and hopefully I can snag it up during the city-wide sales that start tomorrow!

amazing black & white dress:  I haven't seen this dress or anything like it on anyone here, but its amazing and I'm pretty sure my suitcase would have been better off with it inside. 

layering sweaters:  I brought two of these sweaters, but they are so simple and I have already been wearing them to death.  This striped one would be a fun addition to mix in!

a cute notebook:  Everyday while we are out shopping or eating, we find new places we want to try or people give us awesome suggestions.  While I could put them in my phone, it would be so much easier to jot them down in an adorable little purse sized notebook- plus my iphone's auto-correct is killing me with the french words that it keeps trying to "fix"

scarves and more scarves:  I brought scarves.  I brought three scarves and a fur collar, but I still don't think its enough.  A scarf is the accessory here (even when its not that cold) and I love the little pom poms on this C. Wonder one

black & white plaid shirt:  I actually own this shirt, but I didn't pack it.  I did however bring another plaid blouse I have, but its blue and now that I am here I wish I had opted for the more neutral colored version. 

The goods news is...there are places to shop here! :)


  1. Where is the plaid shirt you included from?

  2. A few years ago I took a blissful trip with a friend to Paris. We adored the culture, people and everything Paris, but felt terribly underdressed. The women were knock out brilliant in their polished and chic ways. Oh, I would love to pack up the family and go this summer - maybe next year!!!!

    Looking forward to more about Paris from you!

  3. What a brilliant excuse to do some shopping! Have fun filling in those missing pieces!