Thursday, January 30, 2014

{custom monogrammed c. wonder clutch}

I have been wanting to share this custom monogrammed C. Wonder clutch I grabbed before the holidays, but didn't have a chance until last night when I snapped some shots before I took it out to dinner in Paris for our much anticipated reservations here.  After we arrived in Southern California for Christmas, we headed straight to Fashion Island to do some last minute gift-shopping since we didn't want to carry gifts in our suitcases.  I was most excited to check out the C. Wonder store that is there since it's one of the only locations outside of the East Coast (partly we were gift shopping here, but mostly we were there for my own selfish reasons).  I'm not a huge fan of their clothing line, but the accessories and housewares are always amazing!

You can customize quite a few of C. Wonder's products on their site and during the holidays they had the embroidery service on-site in stores so that you could take home customized goodies that same day.  How could I possibily pass up adding a $10 monogram to purchase!?!  I opted for the simple striped clutch and then proceeded to agonize over what color thread to use for my initials- ultimately I choose the hot pink, but metallic gold was a very close runner up.

Unfortunately, as I was adding links to this post I discovered that C. Wonder doesn't have this clutch on their site anymore.  I'm hoping they bring it back soon because it's such an easy and affordable gift idea! You can find a similar customizable clutch here in the meantime.  Or you could buy this one or this one and take it to a local embroidery store.

UPDATE 02/10/14: C. Wonder has re-stocked their monogram clutches in new patterns for spring right here!


  1. I love monogrammed clutches and am still looking for one to purchase myself!

  2. ummmm?? Your dress!!! Simply amazing!

  3. I love your dress!! Who makes it!??

    1. It is from Zara's TRF Winter collection! I grabbed it on sale recently!