Thursday, January 23, 2014

{a day at the paris flea market}

One of the things at the top of my list for our time here in Paris was a trip (or two or three) to the world famous flea market.  Two weekends ago we hopped on the metro with some fellow friends from Chris' MBA program and spent the better half of a day wandering around the expansive markets.  I did a little research on what markets are best to start off with since the area is so expansive that there is no way to see everything in one day.  After reading Jordan's write up (seriously my biggest source while we have been here) and the overview on A Girls Guide, I decided on visiting Marche Dauphine, Marche Paul Bert & Marche Serpette.

There are two main things on my list that I would love to bring home as a reminder of our time living in Paris, one is an absinthe fountain (because I love absinthe and it would be beautiful to display on our bar!) and the other is a cool piece of art (preferably something on the smaller side since I would probably have to ship it home).  Unfortunately, I found neither of these things on our trip and came home empty handed because what I didn't realize about the Paris flea market is that it is craaaaazy expensive.  We are talking about walking across some random art laying on the ground outside of a merchant's stand and you ask for the price and the answer is "oh that is $3,500."  Um, what?  Perhaps the markets I chose are the more expensive ones as they are the ones that lean towards home decor/furnishings, but I had no idea it would be that expensive.

Don't get me wrong- we had soooo much fun wandering around for hours and hours looking at all the amazing antiques.  Every single stall was filled to the brim with things I would have gladly brought home- not to mention how inspiring it was just to see everything.   This was definitely not my last trip to the flea market as I intend to go back in a few weeks when the weather is nicer to continue my hunt for my wishlist items and to find the elusive markets that are more reasonably priced.  We are also planning on taking a little trek out to the twice yearly flea market in March.

If you do plan on taking a trip to the flea market during a vacation in Paris, I would recommend you read this post on exactly how to get there

 {I really wanted this leopard, but he was a cool 5K so Chris kindly steered me away.}

 {you guys. this dress. unfortunately it was a bit too small otherwise it would be hanging in
my mini closet in our paris apartment. I mean....look at it!}

{We stopped into Ma Cocotte for a cup of coffee- the entire place is designed by Phillip Starck so it's a fun modern place to relax for a minute.  We also ate lunch at this place and it was spectacular!}

So have you been to the Paris flea market? Whats the best market to find awesome deals at?!?


  1. I would have loved to go to the flea markets while I was in Paris but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. How were the vendors? I was worried that they would not be very helpful to Americans who didn't know exactly how the markets work

  2. I was excited to read your post and relieved I wasn't the only one who thought they were crazy expensive. As an American living Europe (Germany) I have travel a lot and found there is an unacknowledged differenct between an antique market and flea market. I have found great success at weekend flea markets held in fields, parking lots and the like.

    I just about choked when I saw that basket full of mounted antlers for 50 Euro each as anyone would be a fool to pay more than 10 Euro and that's with no dealing.

    Our family is heading back to Paris for Spring Break and I'm hoping to find a couple of neighborhood markets.

    If you plan to travel to Germany for any flea markets, let me know.