Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{gift guide: for the hostess}

With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas coming up in 36 days, it's about time for some gift guides around here!  Let's start out with some unique hostess gifts to bring to along to all those parties and gatherings crowding your social calendar.  Links to all products below or see the round up of all the gift guides and gifts this season by following this pinterest board.

4.  Fresh flowers:  you can never go wrong with a simple bouquet of fresh flowers- I love to buy flowers from the super market, take them out of their tacky plastic wrap and re-wrap them in kraft paper tied with some fun ribbon. 

5. Champagne: any time. any reason. always a good idea.


  1. LOVE, love, love those gold playing cards! So fun!

  2. Amazing ideas!! A hostest deserves something special that I would want to have!!

  3. Such wonderful and beautiful ideas! Thank you for sharing!