Monday, September 9, 2013

{24 hours in: downtown los angeles}

Inspired by the 36 Hours books by the New York Times, I thought it would be fun to start a new series on the blog called "24 Hours In" where I give you a day's itinerary in some of my favorite cities/neighborhoods.  It felt only natural start with our favorite neighborhood in our favorite city: downtown Los Angeles.  Chris and I lived in this neighborhood for two years right before we moved to Chicago and always try to take a trip to one of our favorite spots in downtown whenever we are in California. Hope you enjoy this new series!

stay at: The Standard
It's swanky, modern and until the new Ace Hotel opens it's still the most hipster hotel in downtown. Plus it has an amazing rooftop pool complete with Biergarten and a full on Ping Pong lounge.

brunch at: Bottega Louie
My favorite restaurant of all time (famous for their fabulous desserts). You could actually eat every meal of the day here, but for purposes of particular this itinerary I prefer it for their brunch spread- especially their classic eggs benedict. 

check out: MOCA
Nestled right near the breathtaking Disney Concert Hall, downtown's famous modern art museum is not to be missed.

grab lunch at: Mendocino Farms
I don't want to claim that these sandwiches could change your life, but they are pretty mind-blowing. My go to is the roasted proscuitto chicken and a short walk over to Bunker Hill Park (aka the 500 days of Summer park) is the perfect place to enjoy it! update: Apparently they just closed this park last month (so sad!), so another favorite place of mine is the water fall plaza next to the Four Arches Statue under the Bank of America building

Home to more fabric stores than you can handle in a day- my favorites are The Loft at Michael Levine (for discount fabric), Target Trim (for amazing lace and ribbon) and Fabrics & Fabrics (for unique silks.) Also take a stop at Shareen Vintage for a warehouse full of one of kinds finds. 

cocktails at: The Varnish
This speakeasy in the back of Cole's has won numerous awards for best cocktails in the country and it will live up to those accolades every time. Make sure to order a "bartenders choice"

dinner at: Rivera
One of the best dinners I ever had in my life was at Rivera.  You could go there only for the interesting interior of the restaurant and be happy, but the menu is so amazing I recommend you actually stay for a meal.  Definitely don't miss their cocktail line up here either- its where this one is from!

Late night at: Perch
Two gorgeous levels of rooftop space decked out in French inspired vintage furniture is perfect for lounging the rest of the night away under the buildings of downtown.  


  1. Love this new series idea and glad you started with DTLA...having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I have been to many of the spots you suggested. Great picks! Love myself some macarons from Botega Louie and love the fashion, potato tacos in Santee Alley, anyone? Yum!

    Must try out the Varnish!

    Sister Style

  2. I love this idea! Palm Springs & LA are on our to do list while we live in San Diego. Keep it up! :)