Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{new additions}

This past week, I brought home lots of fun things and somehow all of them are metallic gold or silver! Here are few snapshots of some new additions around our place (and my closet!):

 {the Nate Berkus collection at Target is really great, but most of the stuff doesn't quite fit in with our decor- until I spotted this gold dipped bowl which is perfect for storing our remotes}

 {if you wanna be sneaky you can see a peek at our new gold coffee table in this photo which 
I promise to share just as soon as I get a piece of glass for the bottom}

 {I have been hunting for a vintage trophy champagne bucket forever.  Obviously these exist everywhere, but I really wanted to find a vintage one to give it that old school charm.  My aunts actually spotted this one at a vintage store in California and shipped it to me. Thanks aunties!}

{two sequin dresses to add to my collection: the one on the left is by Parker and the other one is vintage.  Both were purchased on Ebay for $50 each! Spring and summertime is the absolute best time to search around on Ebay and Etsy for great sequin party dresses for the upcoming holiday season.  While most people are thinking about bikinis and sundresses, you can be scooping up some jems for all those social gatherings that need a little glitz}

{mmmmm sequins.}


  1. That trophy champagne bucket is to die for! How awesome that your aunts are always on the lookout. You've just inspired me to spend my morning browsing eBay. Thx!

    La Petite Gigi

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