Thursday, June 27, 2013

{fresh herb saving tip}

I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that we throw away a lot of food in our house.  Not because we are being particularly wasteful on purpose, but because while we do love to cook a lot of meals at home we are also also really busy with our weird work schedules.  Those two conditions come together to leave us with leftover ingredients that don't get used in time before they spoil- especially fresh herbs.  This is a problem since I could probably eat cilantro or basil on practically any dish and feel like I am constantly buying a fresh bunch of it for use in recipes.   When I saw a tip for saving fresh herbs on The Chew I knew I had to at least try it.  Carla on The Chew claims that this saving method could make fresh herbs last weeks which means having fresh herbs for recipes and then still having fresh herbs a few days later for cocktails!!

About a month or so ago I randomly caught the show, The Chew, while working from home one day. I have never been a big talk show fan or even a big cooking show fan (thats what I have pinterest & food blogs for!), but this show is so much fun to watch that I got hooked after one episode!  The banter between the hosts makes you feel like you are just sitting around entertaining them in your own home and Maraio Batali cracks me up constantly.  The recipes and entertaining tips on the program are actually really interesting while still being approachable.

 Here's the clip featuring the tip I mentioned earlier about saving fresh herbs:

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