Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{easy appetizer: mini toasts with boursin, tomato & mango}

I had never eaten Boursin cheese until I happened across the recipe I used to make these cucumber bites for our last birthday party, but ever since then I have been hooked.  I love to keep cheese and crackers on hand in our fridge/pantry for unexpected guests and Boursin is particularly perfect for this since it keeps for so long.  This appetizer has only four ingredients that require so little prepartion you could whip up this recipe at a moment's notice and delight your guests who will think it took you considerably longer.  The mixture of mango and tomato topping make the whole thing feel decidedly fresh and summery. Recipe at the bottom of this post!

what you need:

  • one pack of garlic & fine herb Boursin cheese
  • one tomato
  • one fresh mango or one can of sliced mangos*
  • one pack of mini toasts or cracker of choice
  • a few tablespoons of cream, half & half or whole milk
*I used canned mango because it tastes the same and I am lazy. I guess if you really want to put zero effort into this you could also used canned diced tomatoes! :)
  1. Mix Boursin with a few tablespoons of cream until you get a consistency that allows you to "pipe" the cheese.
  2. Place Boursin into a piping bag with simple round attachment.  If you dont have a piping bag, simply place the cheese mixture into a large ziploc bag and cut a tiny whole in the corner!
  3. Chop mango and tomato slices into small quarter inch sized squares. Toss together in a bowl and set aside. 
  4. Pipe Boursin directly onto the border of each mini toast- essentially creating a cage for the tomato/mango topping to sit inside. 
  5. Place a small spoonful of tomato/mango topping onto each toast. 
  6. Lightly salt & pepper if desired. Then serve immediately! 

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  1. My all-time favorite appetizer uses the same concept with Boursin and mini-toasts but is topped with smoked salmon instead. The problem is they will be gone in a flash and they're pricier...but so delicious. I'll try this one next.