Thursday, May 23, 2013

{new flamingo artwork}

I feel like I have been seeing flamingos everywhere lately right?!?!  Maybe it is because summer is right around the corner or something.  I happened across this vintage flamingo print by Roger Tory Peterson while antiquing with my mom and felt like it would be a perfect addition to our house.  I love the kitschy feel that flamingos always give, but in this particular print the colors are bit more on the muted side which gives the whole thing a great 70s vibe.

In the future I would love to pick up a sister print to this one and then use it with the current one flanking each side of a bed, but for now I'll be happy with these guys hanging out next to our bar in the living room!

If you would like to buy this print for yourself you can scoop up an 


  1. I've been grooving on flamingos lately as well...especially watercolor. This print is abso GORG though. Love the vibe of it.

  2. So mad I just posted a flamingo art, decor and pool party themed post yesterday and now I see this. LOL oh well, I'll feature one of those pics for bar tray inspiration because that set up is pretty fab.

  3. The little guys look great in your space. BTW I love all your bar glasses!

    1. Thanks Elisa! Most are from Ikea or vintage stores ;)