Thursday, May 30, 2013

{disco ball decor}

Ever since we used my champagne bucket filled with mini disco balls as decoration at Bliss' recent Kiki party, I have been wanting to find a way to incorporate some disco balls into our decor.  I know at first it sounds super cheesy, but I have seen it done really well in some homes.  I especially like when I see a disco ball in an unexpected place like the corner of a living room or bookshelf.  I would love to collect a cluster of disco balls to hang in the corner of our office room. Here are a few inspiring images of disco ball decor:

{we loved the disco decorations from our kiki party so much that now that bucket lives 
on the coffee table in the studio}


  1. Love it!! You can never go wrong with Disco Balls for all occasions and decorating. Fun post :)
    xo- BB

  2. I agree, I love disco balls! Still trying to convince my husband that we need to add it to our home decor...I even have a pinterest board

    btw love your blog & love your pinterest boards!

  3. I love the one in the fireplace! So unexpected against everything else in the room.