Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{a library of stationary}

If it wasn't already pretty apparent, I reaaaaaally love paper goods, especially beautiful stationary and correspondence cards.  People so rarely send regular mail these days that it makes the act of sending and receiving notes that much more special.  I have always had a pretty large box filled with stationary for any occasion (most of which was leftover from my high school job working at a paper store believe or not), but all the events of the past year have really been cutting into my supply of cards.

I have had my eye on this set of Russel + Hazel stationary for some time, but the price was just a bit higher than I would prefer to pay.  Until recently when the entire set went on sale at Nordstrom and I scooped up a box of each different design and two boxes of the "thank you" set! Links to the individual stationary is below each photo so you can get some for yourself (unfortunately the "change of address one is the only one still available on Nordstrom's website).  If you don't already have a good stash of cards then this is a great place to start- the designs are simple, but the color combinations are amazing.  Plus all the envelopes are lined in corresponding colors!

 {these simple thank you notes are what first drew my attention to this line of stationary.  I love that all the cards in the set are a simple flat card rather than a traditional folded version.}

 {gold foil gets me every time. every. single. time}

 {I love the unexpected citron color of the "oh how did you know" set. The "fancy that" set reminds me of something you would see in a Kate Spade store.}

 {The playful phrases on the "oh how did you know" and "fancy that"cards could really be used for an array of purposes- especially just a spontaneous note to say hello}

{I love this layout for a "change of address" announcement- this little box would make a great gift for newlyweds who will be re-locating}

{The only blank notecard in the set is also the one that is hot pink with a fabulous gold foiled edge.  I love that even though this card has no phrase or graphics it still has ton of interest from the over saturated paper color.  Perfect for any note that doesn't conveniently fall into one of the other sets.}


  1. So stinkin' cute!

    Just a random heads up, but stationery is spelled with an 'e.' I like to remember it like this: if it goes in an (e)nvelope, it's spelled with an 'e.' I hope you're not offended -- just a small note to make your post even more perfect!