Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{oscars viewing party ballots}

For the past couple years, we have been printing ballots and corresponding bingo games for almost every award show.  Before I discovered free printable ballots, I would only really watch the Oscars award ceremony, but filling out your picks for the winners makes watching every award show fun and enjoyable.  This year we are hosting a little get together to watch the Oscars (see the inspiration board here) and I decided that since I didn't have a chance to send out real invites that taking it up a notch with the ballots would be substitute for some snail mail.  Inspired by this image on Pinterest, I created some fun booklet style ballots for each of our guests.  I dropped them in the mail earlier this week so that everyone could get a head start with their picks since we are planning on making the competition interesting!

If anyone is interested in printing ballots like my own, feel free to email me and I will send you the files.  Otherwise, I highly recommend this ballot and bingo from How About Orange.

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