Friday, February 8, 2013

{friday cocktail: the ginger}

I named this Friday's cocktail "the ginger" partly because it has Domaine de Canton's ginger liqueur in it, but also because of its red hue (see what I did there? its funny right? no? ok.)   Because of farming worldwide you can pretty much get any fruit or vegetable you need at any time of the year regardless of season, but blood oranges are one of those things that seems to only be available for a short amount of time during the winter months.  Blood oranges have been one of my favorite citruses to use in cocktails ever since my dad made me this cocktail; they have a light citrus flavor and lend a beautiful red/pink hue to a drink.  Go grab some blood oranges before they are gone til next year and make yourself a pretty drink like this one this weekend:


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