Friday, February 1, 2013

{friday cocktail: the 49er}

This Friday's cocktail is named in honor of Sunday's Super Bowl winners (see what I did there?).  I will admit that I am definitely not a big sports person let alone a avid football follower/fan.  Plus my time living in Los Angeles didnt even give me a default team to root for, but I did live in San Francisco for 3 and half years so the 49ers are basically my football team if there ever was one.  This cocktail is inspired by one of my top five favorite cocktails, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, except this one substitutes Domaine de Canton's ginger liqueur in place of basil and swaps out the whiskey for a dark rum.  It packs a little heat and a lot of flavor just like the original recipe, but with some added sweetness from the liqueur.  I'll definitely be enjoying one of these on game day while sporting my favorite football sweater (yes I do have the Bears version as well- I never said I was loyal I simply said that the 49ers were my chosen team).

{let's talk about those little gold stars real quick...aren't they cute? clearly very pinterest worthy as evidenced here, but just be warned they taste absolutely horrible and they melt into little yellow blobs after about 3 minutes in liquid.  I learned this the hard way back on this drink and I'm just trying to save you the disappointment.  The good news is- they work wonderfully on the icing on cupcakes so don't completely write them off!}



  1. those gold stars are bananas! Love 'em!!

  2. You're right to warn people about those gold stars -- I had the same experience trying to rim glasses with them. Cute, but not too tasty or practical!