Thursday, February 14, 2013

{DIY round menu cards}

Ever since Chris and I moved in together, our tradition for Valentine's day has always been that Chris cooks an amazing meal for us at home and I make the table look cute.   Lately I have been really obsessing over the round menu cards I have seen popping up all over pinterest like this one or this one.  I can design and print a menu card in a matter of minutes usually, but I knew these round cards would take a little bit extra effort so I figured they would be perfect for our Valentine's dinner.  

I absolutely love how these turned out! At first I was only planning on printing the one side with the menu and circular border, but then I thought I would present you guys an option for a double sided menu.  I especially love the double sided version for weddings or bridal showers so that the menu is immediately given away when people sit down.  While printing on both sides of the paper is do-able, it is also something that would drive me crazy so instead I have printed one side and used an embossed stamp on the other side.  Scroll to the bottom of the post for instructions and free downloadable template!

 {I also mocked up a pink version to see what I preferred.  I like the clean look of the white, but the pink would be adorable for a bridal shower!}

what you need:
1. download the circle template right here and type in your menu selections. 
2. print using the rear tray of your printer if possible
3. using the circle cutter, cut out your menu
4. stamp back side of menu with desired stamp, immediately cover in embossing powder.  Tap off excess powder and then seal with embossing heat gun. 
5. enjoy your dinner!


  1. what font did you use? When I download the template it shows my standard font, Calibri. Thanks! So cute, planning to use for valentine's day tonight.

    1. Hi Laura,

      That font is called "Luella" which is not a free font :( - but Ostrich is very similar and free! find them both here:


    2. thanks for the quick reply!

  2. gosh you are so creative! i absolutely love this project, and now need to find a reason to host a dinner. :)
    just a question regarding the templates you create - do you use cs5 (or equivalent)? or is there another to design system you use?

    1. Hi Ali,

      I used CS5 to design mine, but the template I have attached is in Microsoft Word to make it more user friendly for those not familiar with CS5.


  3. Dinning menu also helps in the spreading of the brand name.