Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{weeknight vegetarian}

While our regular dinner party menus might lead you to believe otherwise, we often try to cook vegetarian meals especially on week nights at home.  One of my favorite blogs for great vegetarian meal inspiration is Sprouted Kitchen which features the only two things you need to make me read a food blog: amazing photography and even tastier recipes (and a new book)!  We recently whipped up her recipe for shitake mushroom & lentil tacos for a quick weeknight diner for two.  Don't let the vegetarian nature of these tacos fool you because they are full of flavor in addition to being quite healthy!


  1. those look CRAZY delicious! thanks for sharing!


  2. These look delicious!! Although definitely a meat eater, I usually cook vegetarian for myself at home too. I don't really like handling meat even though I have no problem eating it :)

  3. Looks delicious! If you decide to go out for a vegetarian meal, Chicago Diner is amazing !

  4. This looks amazing! P.S. I love your blog!